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2014 Colorado Science and Engineering Fair, CEHA Award winners

Beatriz Kuperus: Oceans of Water to Drink: Improving the Efficiency of a Solar Water Still. 8th grade, Summit Middler School, Boulder.

Rachel Rossi: Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Remediation in Water Exploration if Mycromediation Capabilities of Fungi, Durango High School, Durango.


2014 Leadership Award

Kurt Dahl, CEHA Past President
Pitkin County Environmental Health

2014 Milton Miller Award Winner

Dan Collins, MA, REHS, RHSP

Broomfield County Public Health

2014 Environmental Health Innovation Award

Gina Bare

2014 Environmental Achievement Industry Award Winner

Carla Ostberg (center)

2014 Environmental Achievement Award Winner

Morgan Hill (right)




Enjoy Photos from the AEC Awards Banquet 2014!

All photos by Keith Siemsen.

Nominations must be received by September 9.

Milton M. Miller Award

Each Year CEHA honors one of its own members with the prestigious Milton M. Miller Award. This award is given to an outstanding Environmental Health Professional in the state of Colorado.

Environmental Achievement Award - CEHA Members

Environmental Health professionals working in the field of Environmental Health, but not employed in an administrative position.  Recipients must be a member of CEHA and will be selected on the basis of their helpful, courteous and professional service in working with the public and fellow professionals, and whose service brings credibility and respect to the field of Environmental Health.

Environmental Achievement Award - Industry Representatives

An Environmental Achievement Award is also presented to an industry, company, or organization who has made a significant contribution to the field of Environmental Health.

Environmental Health Innovation Award

An Environmental Health Innovation Award is presented to an a CEHA Member or organization for creating a new idea, practice, or product that has had a positive impact on improving the environment/public health and quality of life.  The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals or teams that have made an innovative contribution to improving the environment and/or protecting public health and to encourage other professionals to search for creative solutions. Change that promotes or improves the environment is the foundation of this award.


Walter S. Mangold Award - National Award

The Walter S. Mangold Award, which was established in 1955, was first awarded to Walter Mangold in 1956 for his lifetime dedication to upgrading the professional education and performance of sanitarians; to raising the standards of the environmental health practitioner, and professionalizing the individual, throughout the country; and for innovating his many brilliant programs that helped shape the environmental health profession throughout the world. Now, more than fifty-five years later, the Mangold Award continues to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the environmental health professional.



Tom Douville Scholarship

The Colorado Environmental Health Association has designed the scholarship to honor the late Tom Douville. Mr. Douville was the Environmental Health Director of Mesa County form 1981 to 1985 and of Boulder County from 1985 until his death in November of 1996. CEHA has established this scholarship for students from Colorado Universities who serve as interns in local health departments. CEHA is looking for students who show strong leadership skills and interest in environmental health. The applicants must be completing or "have completed" an internship with a Colorado health department in the Environmental Health Division within one year of the application. The applicant must be a recent Colorado graduate or a student in a Colorado college or university enrolled in Environmental Health Science or a related field. The applicant must be a member of the Colorado Environmental Health Association.

Continuing Education Scholarships (Annual Education Conference, One-Day Trainings)

AEC Scholarship applications must be received by 10 days prior to the early-bird registration deadline of the training for which you are applying.

The Colorado Environmental Health Association is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships for members to attend its Annual Conference, one-day trainings and seminars held throughout the year.  There is a high demand for these scholarships, so if you plan to attend a training, please apply for scholarships as early as possible.  A list of scheduled trainings can be found on the events page.


CSU Scholarship

The CEHA Scholarship Endowment was created in 1986 by a $5,000 gift to the Colorado State University Foundation.  A scholarship is awarded annually as funds permit to a CSU student working to gain further expertise in the Environmental Health Profession. Students self-nominate through CSU Scholarship Application. A Scholarship and awards committee selects the successful candidate from the pool of applicants. Selection is based on student's good standing in the Environmental Health program; participation in student, state, or national Environmental Health organizations; and financial need. Applicants must be an undergraduate Junior or Senior, or a graduate student.

State Science Fair

Since 2003, CEHA has awarded one Junior Division and one Senior Division science fair participant with an outstanding science project in the field of Environmental Health Science, exemplifying the objectives of the Association, at the Annual Colorado Science and Engineering Fair.  The award, along with a scholarship check for $75, is presented to the outstanding Junior Division winner and a check for $150 is presented to the outstanding Senior Division winner. Also, the Senior Division winner receives an all expenses paid invitation to the Annual Educational Conference to exhibit their project. The Colorado Science and Engineering Fair is held at Colorado State University each April.

CEHA-RIHEL Scholarship

Nominations must be received by June 5th of the year you will be completing the program.

Decisions to award funding will be made by June 20.

Limited scholarships to support CEHA members attending the Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership (RIHEL) are available.  There is currently a great need for new leadership approaches as the challenges to environmental public health have never been greater. To address this need, the Leadership Training Program of the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership (RIHEL) has developed a year-long program of group and self-directed learning led by experts in leadership, communication and the health and environment disciplines.  For more information about RIHEL, please see the RIHEL Website or contact Dr. Kathy Kennedy, RIHEL Director, at or 303-871-3483.

CEHA may have available scholarship money to support RIHEL Fellows. It is requested that applicants apply for the “CEHA-RIHEL” scholarship once they have been accepted into the RIHEL program.